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St. John's Wort Dried Herb

St. John's Wort Dried Herb

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Cut and Sifted. Wild crafted.

Botanical Name

Hypericum perforatum L.

Plant Description

Hypericum perforatum, also known as St. John's wort, isa perennial plant that can grow up to one meter tall.


Adenopathy; Alcoholism; Alopecia; Anorexia; Anuria; Anxiety; Apoplexy; Asthma; Bacteria; Bite); Bladder Stone; Bleeding; Bronchosis; Bruise; Bunion; Burn; Calcification; Cancer; Cancer, breast; Cancer, lymph; Cancer, ovary; Cancer, stomach; Cancer, uterus; Cardiopathy; Catarrh; Cerebrosis; Chickenpox; Childbirth; Cholecystosis; Climacteric; Cold; Cold Sore; Concussion Congestion; Crohn’s Disease Cough; Coxalgia; Cramp; Cut; Cyanosis; Cystosis; Cytomegalovirus); Depression; Dermatosis; Diarrhea; Duodenosis; Dysentery; Dysmenorrhea ; Dyspepsia; Dysuria; Eczema; Endometriosis; Enterosis; Enuresis; Epilepsy; Epistaxis; Fever ; Fibrososis; Flu; Gas; Gastroduodenosis; Gastrosis; Gout; Headache; Hematuria; Hemoptysis; Hemorrhagia; Hemorrhoid; Hepatosis; Herpes; High Blood Pressure; HIV; Hydrophobia; Hysteria; Immunodepression; Impotence; Induration; Infection; Inflammation; Insomnia; Jaundice; Lumbago; Lymphosis; Mania; Mastosis; Melancholy; Menopause; Menorrhagia; Migraine; Myalgia; Neck; Nephrosis; Nerve; Nervousness; Neuralgia; Neurasthenia; Neurofibromatosis; Neurosis; Noctambulism; OCD; Oliguria; Otosis; Oxyurid); Pain ; Paralysis; Parasite; Pertussis; Phthisis; Pulmonosis; Rabies; Radiation; Rheumatism ; SAD; Sciatica; Shingles; Snakebite; Sore; Sore Throat; Spine; Sprain; Staphylococcus; Sterility; Stimulant; Stomatosis; Strain; Streptococcus; Stress; Sunburn; Swelling; Tetanus; Tonsilosis; Tuberculosis; Ulcer; Ulcus cruris; Uterosis; VD; Viral Hepatitis; Virus; Vitiligo; Water Retention; Worm; Wound.


Analgesic; Anticancer; Antibacterial; Antidepressant; Antidote; Antiedemic; Antiherpetic); Antiinflammatory; Antineuralgic; Antiretroviral; Antiseptic; Antispasmodic; Antiulcerogenic; Antiviral; Anxiolytic; Aperitif; Astringent; COMT Inhibitor; Cholagogue; Digestive; Diuretic; Dopaminergic; Emmenagogue; Expectorant; GABA-Reuptake Inhibitor; Hemostat; Hypotensive; Immunostimulant; MAOI; Melatoninergic; Nervine; Psychotropic; Resolvent; Sedative; Serotoninergic; SSRI; Stimulant; Tonic; Tranquilizer; Uterotonic; Vasoconstrictor); Vermifuge; Vulnerary.


Extract. Tea. Tincture.


Class 2d. Active ingredients may be photoactive, especially in fair-skinned people. Do not take during pregnancy or intense sun exposure


Duke, J. A. 1985. CRC Handbook of Medicinal Herbs. Boca Raton, Florida, CRC Press, Inc.

FDA Statement - Not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure through the sale of this Herb. Use at your own risk. Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace consultation with your physician. The FDA has not evaluated this statement. 

Packaged and distributed by The Boho Being.

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