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FUYU PERSIMMON -  One of the most beloved Persimmons, the Fuyu tree is stunning with dark foliage. Thornless, its unique, tomato-like fruit is ripe and non-astringent, meaning its flavor is never bitter - crisp and delicious like apple.

Proudly grown in Louisiana.

CONTAINER SIZE - 3 gallon 

SPACE REQUIREMENT - 20 feet from structures and each other

ASTRINGENT - No. Edible when mature and preferred firm.

ZONES - 8- 9A


  • Choose a location with the highest elevation possible that will provide your tree with good surface and internal drainage, and provide the most available sunlight. The ideal location will also be away from buildings and structures. 
  • Prepare a hole twice the width and the same depth of the container your tree arrives in. Do not dig your hole too deep as this may cause your newly planted tree to settle deeper in the soil and die. Fill the hole with water and allow all water to be fully absorbed into the earth before transplanting. If it takes 48 hours or more for the water to be fully absorbed into the earth, consider an alternative location, creating a raised bed or container planting.
  • Remove your tree from the container. If a tap root has developed and is growing in a circle, cut the root at the point that it begins to coil. It will grow a new tap root. Separate and trim root-bound roots. Place the tree in the hole at the same depth that it was planted, making sure the top of the root ball is even with the ground level. Backfill the hole with soil to the ground level and lightly tamp soil around the tree.
  • Using excess soil, create a water levee around the perimeter of the hole. Doing so will ensure better irrigation to your newly planted tree. 
  • Irrigate newly planted trees for first 2 years after planting. 

FERTILIZATION -  Apply complete fertilizer at a rate of 1 pound per year of age of tree, evenly around drip line at bud break.

PRUNING AND TRAINING - Cut newly planted trees to 3 foot. As the tree grows, all lower limbs from 3-5 feet should be removed. Use a string spreader to achive a 30 to 40 degree angle for lateral branches.


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