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Lavender Flowers Dried Herb

Lavender Flowers Dried Herb

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This product was certified organic before being repackaged by The Boho Being.

Botanical Name

Lavandula spp

Plant Description


Acne; Alzheimer’s; Anorexia; Anxiety; Arthrosis; Asthma; Bacteria; Bronchosis; Burn; Cancer; Cancer, breast; Cancer, liver; Cancer, sinew; Cancer, spleen; Candida; Cholecystosis; Circulosis; Cold; Colic; Convulsion; Cramp; Dementia; Depression; Dermatosis; Diabetes; Dysmenorrhea; Dyspepsia; Eczema; Enterosis; Escherichia; Faintness; Fatigue; Flu; Fungus; Gas; Gastrosis; Giddiness; Gout; Headache; Hepatosis; Hyperglycemia; Hysteria; Infection; Inflammation; Insanity; Insomnia; Migraine; Mycosis; Nervousness; Neuralgia; Neurasthenia; Pain; Palpitation; Parturition; Proctosis; Psoriasis; Psychosis; Restlessness; Rheumatism; Roemheld Syndrome; Sore; Spasm; Splenosis; Sprain; Staphylococcus; Stomachache; Stomatosis; Stress; Swelling; Syncope; Toothache; Vertigo; Virus; Water Retention; Worm; Wound.


Allergenic; Analgesic; Anesthetic; Antialzheimeran; Antiarthritic; Antibacterial; Anticancer; Anticonvulsant; Antiinflammatory; Antirheumatic; Antiseptic; Antispasmodic; Antivira; Anxiolytic; Aperitif; Carminative; Cholagogue; Choleretic; CNS-Depressant; Convulsant; COX-2 Inhibitor; Digestive; Diuretic; Emmenagogue; Fungicide; Hypoglycemic; Insectifuge; Motor Depressant; Narcotic; Nervine; Neurodepressant; Rubefacient; Sedative; Stimulant; Stomachic; Tonic; Tranquilizer); Vulnerary.


Bath and Body Products,Infusion, Extraction, Teas


Class 1. None known.“Hazards and/or side effects not known for proper therapeutic dosages”. Uncut essential oils not for internal use with children. Large doses of lavender oil constitute a narcotic poison that can cause death by convulsion.


Duke, J. A. 1985. CRC Handbook of Medicinal Herbs. Boca Raton, Florida, CRC Press, Inc.

FDA Statement - Not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure through the sale of this Herb. Use at your own risk. Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace consultation with your physician. The FDA has not evaluated this statement. 

Packaged and distributed by The Boho Being.

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