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Vinas Healing Crystals

Brazilian Quartz Crystal Points

Brazilian Quartz Crystal Points

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Quartz Crystal, also known as Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal, is transparent and clear to white in color. Quartz Crystal means healing and spiritual growth. Clear Quartz is one of the purest examples of quartz.

Quartz Crystal is an amplifying Crystal. Whatever you pour into it will be amplified and released tenfold. The clarity properties it holds aid in clearing the mind and increasing concentration.

Because of its clarifying and purifying properties, Quartz Crystal is unique in that, in Chakra, it engages each of the chakras. However, the third eye and crown chakras are most connected to Quartz Crystal as it is powerful to connect us to universal energy.

Because Quartz Crystal is a naturally occurring gem, each Crystal is unique in shape, transparency, and size, averaging 1.5" in length. The image indicates the quality of the stone you will receive with your purchase.

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