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Vinas Healing Crystals

Black Tourmaline Rough Stone Raw Troumaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline Rough Stone Raw Troumaline Crystal

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Black Tourmaline, a black silicate Crystal in the tourmaline family, means grounding and protection. Known by it's deep black hue, Black Tourmaline is used to absorb negative energy for a restored, peaceful life. Anxiety is replaced with positivity when worn.

In Chakra, Black Tourmaline is connected to the base chakra, the root that helps you feel stable and secure. When the root chakra is balanced, a feeling of self-confidence is met, allowing a deeper sense of truth and connection.

Because Black Tourmaline is a naturally occurring gem, each Crystal is unique in shape, color and size. The image provided indicates the quality of the stone you will receive with your purchase.

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