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Bay Leaf Bay Laurel

Bay Leaf Bay Laurel

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Bay Laurel is an evergreen shrub and?culinary Herb Native to the Mediterranean region. In ancient Greece and Rome, the foliage of the bay laurel was used to make crowns for conquering heroes and was utilized to crown winners in the first Olympic Games.

Bay Laurel is believed by some to provide protection from disease, lighting and even witchcraft if Planted near the entrance to a Home.

Bay laurel can grow upward of 50 feet tall in south Louisiana. However, a size of 10 feet or less can be achieved through pruning.?Bay laurel has shiny, oval, deep green leaves that do not drop off in the winter, providing year-round greenery.

Bay laurel can be grown in the landscape as a tree or hedged or if kept neatly trimmed, in containers, where it can grow on patios if Garden Space is limited.

Plant in?well-drained Native Soil for best root spread.?Bay laurel requires little maintenance.?

Sun: Full sun?

Location: Landscape or container

Foliage can be harvested all season for continued flavor in the Kitchen

Well-drained Soil

Allow Soil to dry between waterings

Height:?50' without pruning


Fertilize with a well-balanced fertilizer. Follow Label instructions.

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