How long is it going to take to get my stuff?

Many of our products are custom made to order. Please allow 4 business days for your product to be produced and up to 12 days for your product to be  delivered to you using our free standard shipping option.  If you would like for your product to be expedited, please choose expedited shipping at check out. Expedited products are produced within 4 business days of placing your order and are delivered up to 5 days after being shipped to you.

Regardless of the shipping option you choose, most products should arrive to you within 14 business days of placing your order. If more than 14 business days has passed and you have not received our order, please contact us.  When placing your order, please keep in mind that shipping times can take londer during the holiday season. 

Novelty cups can take up to 21 days to be delivered. Please keep this in mind when ordering novelty cups.

 Who are you and where are you located?

We are a family owned, Christian business located in Louisiana, United States. We noticed a trend in our family: we're all sassy and we're all creative.  Third Class Trash combines our creative sides with our sassy mouths.


Why did you name your company Third Class Trash?

Well, that one is a bit of a story.  We've always focused on raising our children more than we focused on our monthly income. While we weren't an upper-class or middle class family we also weren't a lower income family either (not that there's shame or embarrassment with any financial status). We've always had just enough.  When we lost our home to Hurricane Katrina and then another home to foreclosure when the economy collapsed, we did what we needed to do and just started over again. But our children's friends never knew our struggles and some even thought our modest lifestyles were a front to hide the load of cash they believed we were sitting on (silly kids).  I attribute their naivity to how we handled ourselves. We always presented ourselves with class and dignity.  We've always put others first and, if you're struggling, we'll pray over you and your family.  We're not the family that's going to travel first class but we are a family that loves travel, will get dirty, go camping, fishing, garden, keep chickens and eat off a food truck with you.  We're third class. Full of love, a little grundgy, we love to dress up but will skip a shower on our day off.  We'll curse you out and pray for you all in the same breath, threaten to kick your ass and then give you the shirt off our backs.  While we have 'trash" in our name, we're certainly not trashy. Third Class Trash just rolls off the tongue and has a nice flow to it.   

Do you make your products?

That depends on what you mean by "make". Many of the designs we have available for sale are our original designs created by a member of the Third Class Trash family.  In some instances, we will sell products that feature art that is available through the public domain.  Although we create many of our designs, we do not print our owrk.  We work with a third party company who we trust to do all of our printing.  These companies are the best in the printing industry and were chosen for their skill, reputation and experience.

Are all of your designs yours?

No. We're fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a few third party vendors who are just as creative and sassy as we are.  

I have a question about my order. How do I contact you?

Please send us your questions via our online contact form.

Do you accept returns?

Your satisfaction means a lot to us. If your product has a manufacturing defect, please contact us with your order number and a description of the damage to initiate a replacement.  We will email you instructions to replace your item.  When we email you, we wil ask you to provide evidence of the damage.

I'm interested in creating a customer account but I also want to make sure my contact information is private.  Are you going to sell my contact information?

No. We don't like it when that happens to us so we certainly will not do it to you.

Are your sizes in your size descriptions accurate? 

While we would love to say "yes" we do caution you that because of production tollerance, please allow variances of +/-1" in width and/or length.

 Do you accept design submissions?

We would love to partner with you.  Please contact us for permission to submit a sample of your work.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes. Please send your request to us via our contact form with as much information as possible, including which of our products you would like to have printed, what you would like to have printed on your product andif you would like for us to design your custom product for you.