Rose Hips and White Willow Bark Tea

Rose Hips & White Willow Bark Tea for Pain Relief

Nothing is worse than a headache or any pain that just won’t go away. Although pain is the body’s way of alerting us to a need it has, we can still naturally alleviate the pain until we discover the source. Idealistically illuminating the source of the pain is the goal but until then, try this rose hips and white willow bark tea.

Rose hips reduce inflammation, add a natural sweetness and boost your immune system while white willow bark eases pain. 

Recipe: Combine 1 tsp of rose hips with 1 tsp of white willow bark in a steeper or tea bag. Crush the rose hips for more flavor. Place steeper or tea bag into a cup of your choice. Bring water just to a boil and pour over steeper / tea bag. Allow to steep 10 minutes or until warm enough to drink. Remove steeper or tea bag, gently swirling while removing to release any infusion remaining and to gently stir the tea. Add honey (optional). Relax and enjoy.

Ingredient List:

Rose Hips

White Willow Bark

Honey (optional)



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