All About That Cup

All About That Cup

Every morning I head straight to the kitchen to make my first cup of coffee. But not just any cup of coffee, espresso. Cafe Bustello to be exact. In what looks like a science experiiment happening right on my kitchen counters, I begin gathering supplies: coffee extractor, steamer nozzle, steamer jar, and of course my mug of the day. 

Grabbing the perfect mug for my perfect brew is essential to my day. It has to be the right size for the number of shots I brew and it has to have the right attitude.

Depending on how well I slept or the day's adventures ahead, my cup will express it all.

Let's face it, our go-to mugs are more than just fashionable drinkware. They're our first expression of our day.  If I'm feeling inspired, I may grab my Linda March Art latte beach mug and if I'm feeling sassy I may grab my "No One Likes You" cactus mug (of course that's not true! You are loved :) ). 

Regardless of my whim, there's a mug for every emotion. What's your favorite, go-to mug? 

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